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  1. Oct 15,  · Krokodil is a cheap, heroin substitute that originated in Russia roughly ten years ago and hit its stride there publicly in the past few years. It is similar to morphine, can quickly and easily be made from codeine, iodine and other items, and is cooked up at home in a similar fashion to meth.
  2. Krokodil (also called the “zombie drug”) is a street name for something called desomorphine. Krokodil drug abuse was relatively unheard of in the United States until fairly recently, but the drug has been problematic in Russia and other former-Soviet countries since Krokodil is considered a cheap replacement for heroin.
  3. Sep 26,  · krokodil. Go to main menu. Heavy Flesh-Rotting Drug: 20 Photos of Krokodil Victims You’ll Wish You Never Saw [WARNING: GRAPHIC] Share on.
  4. Krokodil, (Russian: “Crocodile”), humour magazine published in Moscow, noted for its satire and cartoons. From to the periodical was published as a weekly illustrated supplement to the Soviet newspaper Rabochaya gazeta (“The Workers’ Paper”; published for its .
  5. The home-made drug that Oleg and Sasha inject is known as krokodil, or "crocodile". It is desomorphine, a synthetic opiate many times more powerful than heroin that is created from a complex chain.
  6. Sep 27,  · Whether Krokodil use has spread to the U.S. (and if so, how widely) is still a matter of contention, but Krokodil is a real drug concoction popular in .
  7. Krokodil Recovery. Of course, the first concern for anyone who has been using krokodil is preventing any further damage to the body, which may require a medical program. Once a person is known to be stable physically, the Narconon drug rehabilitation program can help them reclaim the .
  8. May 03,  · Krokodil’s Hold On Russian Addicts. Although Krokodil, or desomorphine, was first synthesized in Switzerland in , it has become an increasingly used drug in Russia. According to Time Magazine, “Krokodil, a cheap substitute for heroin, was one of the deadliest designer drugs ever to sweep through Russia. Appearing on the black market in.
  9. Dec 28,  · Krokodil and the flesh-rotting horror of the drug that EATS junkies: Stomach-churning pictures of heroin addicts who resort to lethal backstreet concoction of painkillers and lighter fluid that is.

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